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i attempted a translation at the latest entry (furthest up).

Well, during DRUM Be-1's one person live, it'll also be the heaviest of Fukuoka's rainy season. As of late at Be-1's lives, they have been somewhat lengthy; as of now all the shows have been sold out!

The opening curtain. (refers to picture in blog).

Since that day, the lives have also now been on a private tour-like best live. The performance of the members, the mood of the audience, some other things including this and that, it was great!

On the way, the members of art school (always redoing things a lot almost needlessly) also happened to have butted in, and during live it got unusually hot!

(At the rear, they rose showing this "Originality flooding dance", a fun finding of "a new variety"!! There was a roar of laughter.)

The way how those whackos hit from behind was pretty nice live, it was a really nice, uplifting feeling, and since it was so good, the members of Art School even included a lot of their own cheerfulness at its peak. (Kinoshita, you've tampered with the DoPan members with your cheerful laughter).

After the ending of our first encounter with Hayato, Mabby-san's PA, it was OO-chan's custom to keep on going non-stop! Inside of the Kyushu charge, the promotor kept dragging it along for several months while hitting the drums. We were eating [Our no.1 ramen], and it tasted really good. When we were done, there were three others with "12 substitutes"!

It's always the pace. There's a hint in this picture that shows an interest in these sorts of things. We were eating and eating it. If you don't eat it, then where would be the point in going to Fukuoka? Please look for it if you go to Fukuoka City (laughs).
(refers to picture of the ramen bowl)

Well, as for next time, it'll be on the Takamatsu Performance!!
The tour goes on.
WOW! Thank you, thank you, thaaank you! You have my absolute graditude! That's very kind of you ^_^